April paints herself with lilac, stark white dotted with yellow and fancy fuchsia.
Spring offers me a vibrant palette to mix with my grief. Loss suddenly interrupts. My flights of fancy to spend "April in Paris" crash to the ground. How will I pick out the good from the bad?

I look around me. I read a story about apricots in Paris, by my mentor, Eric Maisel, through his book, A Writer's Paris. He recounts how he finds himself in a fruit stall choosing apricots, following the lead of a savvy woman who is picking out the good ones from the green ones, the hard ones, the rotten ones. The vendor gestures for her to stop; he can't afford to sell at such good prices, if she only chooses the good.

Maisel stops choosing and just scoops up his apricots for purchase. He captures a metaphor. He likens the scooping to writing and creating:

"In order to create, you must take the bad with the good. You are bound to write many bad paragraphs along with the good ones. That is the eternal law. You can get rid of those bad paragraphs later, but first you must write them. Otherwise you won't write anything."
On my piano, I collect sympathy cards and get-well cards. Sympathy expressed as we mourn the death of my father-in-law. Get well wishes for my husband, who fell and broke his elbow in the midst of the grief. Bad upon bad, it seems. I want to discard the cluttered reminders of our grief.

But I watch a video, and I am inspired to keep them.

To reuse, to revisit and  to repurpose them. To savor the grief.

I let the handwritten messages and handpicked words massage my deadened heart. I will make good out of the bad.

I follow the lead of YouTube artist, jennibellie, who demonstrates how to make an art journal out of greeting cards.
Come back later this week, and I'll share photos of my process and the finished art journal. This was such a meditative way to remember the goodness of life in the midst of hard times and the reality of death and brokenness.


Spring, its means your life is gona full off with colors. Yes the colors of flowers. Where ever you see, you will get new born flowers with the freshness of beauty. The second topic of how to create the art from useless greeting cards is also a good post.


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