"Paris is a physical place defined by its beauty and its openness to strolling.  Paris is a place of associations: It moves the mind, stirs the heart and resonates forever. More importantly, Paris is the place you go when you mean to put your creative life first." (A Writer's Paris,Eric Maisel)
Photograph of my art studio, enhanced with Picasa tools (pencil sketch and drop shadow).
Surroundings sway my mood. Today found me lounging around in my pied–à–terre contemplating this month's little adventure, while I enjoyed the relaxed mood of lazy, rainy Monday.

In my art studio, surrounded with supplies, tools and inspiration, I can find peace and energy in the same space. Recently, I converted my 19th century settee into a daybed of sorts. It actually is a precursor to the hide-a-bed couches we have today. I recycled some memory foam to give me a comfy place to stretch out; it has become my thinking couch and my blogging spot.

At first, I wasn't going to allow our cat to share my perch. (She tends to claim my sitting areas!) But today, I found her curled up next to my scattered art supplies. So, I let her be. Here she is preening herself. Lovely!

"Paris has served as muse to generations of artists, even to those who have never visited her. Paris feeds an artist, motivates her, galvanizes her, and makes her murmur, "This is my home." (Eric Maisel)
Where do you find yourself most at home? What type of surroundings cause your created self to flourish?

I leave you with a question from Eric Maisel in A Writer's Paris:
"What might it mean to your creative life if you included, as part of your education . . . a risky experience like running off to Paris...?"


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Was she really preening herself? That's great!

07/23/2016 6:54am

I like your studio so much! Nice photos.

07/03/2017 9:01am


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