Five For Future Reference...

1. ihanna's DIY postcard swap ( fun adventure + maybe I'll get a postcard from Paris! + anticipation = something to look forward to)

2. Jeskmom's personal geography lesson (beautiful prose + discovery of self + journal keeper = inspiration)

3. The Blitz Cycle (ingenuity, innovation and inspiration + action = great model for entrepreneurs)

4. The Pie Lab
(Good old-fashioned love in action + pie = awesomeness!)

5. The Documented Life Project (planner+art+journal= all in one place)

Bonus Link: Journal52 (weekly prompts + inspiration + free = more art fun



04/28/2014 10:54am

Thank you for playing along and sharing the link love!

04/28/2014 3:32pm

It's fun to see what inspires each one of us!

04/23/2016 3:15pm

March link and love of the citizens and all affectionate things is very important and significant. It is entirely done and consumed with the right and pail oriental terms


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