Journal Prompts

I am...

I am not...

I want to be...

I cannot be...

I will begin...

Here's a simple design for a background. It's real easy and all you need is a blank journal page of choice.

On my dictionary page prepped with gesso, I placed a half sheet of paper. Using washable markers, I scribbled two colors around the edge holding the center paper in place, while I scribbled over the edge of my page and the paper itself.
After I removed the center paper, I took a baby wipe and blended in the colors .

You can see that this gives you a frame, which is a great text box for your journal responses.

Next, I colored the center with a blue water soluble crayon, and blended it in to the page with a clean corner of the baby wipe. I noticed that all the prompts for today started with "I" so I found a letter stencil to create four rows of the letter "i". Using the markers to color in each one, which created the initial word for each prompt.

Using other markers and the black paint pen, I decorated and outlined each stenciled letter. With the black paint pen (or you could use a black Sharpie marker,) I added the rest of the prompt. Now I have a page ready to do my journaling.

The fun thing about mixed-media art journaling is that you can always go back and add more embellishments later. Feeling satisfied with the outcome, I am leaving this page as is, until I am ready to come back and respond to the prompts.

Now I have something to look forward to. FUN!

Feel free to leave comments or questions in the comment section. I will do my best to get back to you in a timely fashion. Enjoy! Kel


04/25/2016 10:48am

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