Journal Prompts

I wish...

I desire...

I hope...

To be rooted is...

I will wait for...

Who will inspire us today? I choose Pam Carriker. I found her book on one of my inspiration searches. It's called Creating Art at the Speed of Life: 30 Days of Mixed-Media Exploration. I like these types of books because each chapter has a technique or concept that I can try in one sitting. Recently, I opened up the chapter on negative and positive space, and this whimsical two page spread brought me great delight.
The objective was "to define positive and negative space by filling one with paint and one with collage." (Pam Carriker)

I took a side view "selfie" with my camera phone. Emailed it to myself and printed out the photo in a 5x7 size. In the paint application on my computer I was able to flip the image and print out the image facing the opposite direction. You could also just make two prints facing the same way and cut one out to trace the the silhouette facing the opposite direction.

My favorite part of this process was the words coming out of the collage image face. As I was cutting out images, I noticed a small scrap of paper with words on it, that said; "word evokes so much" with the "h" missing. I added the letter "a" in front  the phrase and three "h" stamps. Because the image seemed to be exhaling. I had trouble with drawing the eye, so I used a rose bud on its side (from an old post card) to create one.

I felt the negative side didn't need any formal words on it. The bubbles on both sides represent thoughts. I stamped the white old-fashioned phone to represent communication. Communication with words or without words, both have value.

The best part of this process was when I invited my husband to admire my pages. He immediately started in with his own interpretation. He noted that their were more thought bubbles coming from my dark side. Hmmm....all I wanted was some affirmation. Every one interprets art differently. And it is true, no one really can tell the artist's intention just by looking at their art. They need to ask the artist!

Pam Carriker: Visual Journalism 101



02/25/2014 7:46pm

Kel - Very creative expression .... wondering what would come out of my light and dark sides....I will have to give it a whirl.

Kel Rohlf
02/25/2014 9:27pm

This was a very fun exercise in so many ways! I can't wait to see what you discover!

04/29/2016 12:56pm

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