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I am most alive when...

It gives me great joy to...

I am energized by...

Happiness is...

Today, I created another background using water soluble crayons. I never knew that these crayons existed until I started searching for inspiration and instruction on art journaling.They are amazing because they work like crayons and you can blend their color into a page with water, baby wipes or gesso!
Using these crayons makes me feel like a kid again. I get to scribble! So I did just that, after I chose three colors to apply to the page.
There was a bird on the page, which I planned to highlight in some way. But first, I used a dry paint brush to blend gesso into the crayon scribbles. I did the yellow first and worked my way through each color, so as to not muddy the colors. It makes a nice muted, pastel effect.
I used a paper towel to wipe off the wet paint, so my bird would show through.
I thought I would experiment with foam stamps and gesso to add some interest to this page.
I applied gesso to each stamp with a makeup sponge. Dip some gesso on the sponge, then dab some off before dabbing on stamp, thus getting a crisper image.
I liked the white contrast on the page, so I left it to dry.
When I came back later, I decided to add some more color, using pigment ink pads with some of the same stamps. For the bird and raindrops, I colored over them with water soluble crayons and blended the color into the images with a baby wipe.

These pages are coming together. My next step would be to add journaling and maybe some doodles with a black paint pen. But I will save that for later. In the middle of the pink flower I circled the head of the bird, which was how I ended up making it a focal point, plus I added the bird stamp to keep with my theme.


You have really great artist as we can see here and i appreciate you for new ideas for your job. Mostly people will this is nothing special in this painting but experienced painters will appreciate your idea really.

04/19/2017 10:50pm

You have such an amazing talent. I absolutely admire how you transform an ordinary thing into an extraordinary one. This is actually a great idea to do if you're running out of ideas and designs for your own background. I would definitely try doing this some other time. I can already tell that you would be a successful artist or anything that you would like to pursue someday and I really envy you for that. Your passion for doing what you really love doing in life is very inspirational and I think everyone should really take note on that. You just gave me a motivation to be the better version of myself and that everything's possible if I could just learn to believe in myself. Continue being an inspiration to everyone and best of luck to your bright future ahead.

12/26/2016 12:57pm

You have really great artist even as can see here and i appreciate you for new ideas for your work. Generally people will this is nothing special in this painting but experienced group of painters will appreciate your idea really.


It looked like stencil. I didn't know water soluble crayons can be used in fabric like that. I am really learning a lot from this article. I would not look at the ordinary things you used here the same way. Life can be so boring without a good eye for what might look good. We all should try painting at some point in our lives.


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