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If I could do something NEW, I would...

If I could do something DIFFERENT, I would...

If could do something BOLD, I would...

Today, I want to introduce you to one more art journaling expert. Dawn DeVries Sokol shares her secret to overcoming fear of the "blank page."  I bought her video through the clothpaperscissors shop. Dawn's approach is to create "pages in stages." First she paints backgrounds on three to five pages at a time. On another day she adds collage elements. Later she returns to doodle and add words for her final step.

In her video, she reminded me that there are several easy ways to add paint to the page. She likes to use the craft acrylics in the same color family to avoid "muddy" pages. She demonstrates paint application by putting several dime size dots of paint directly on the pages in various spots. Then she uses her fingers to spread the paint and blend the colors. By using her fingers she feels she has more control over the paint.

She also applies paint with an old gift card, applying the dots of paint then scrapping down the page and then across to develop depth. Her last technique is to use a bristle brush from the home decorating department of the hardware store. The bristles add texture when applying the paint.

For the collage elements, Dawn likes to use her own photography, as well as copies of vintage family photos. She recommends making color photocopies of the vintage black and white photos as the color copy gives more contrast than a regular black and white copy.

Here's a clip from the DVD where Dawn describes how to "write" in your journal.


02/25/2014 7:43pm

Loved learning these background techniques in your Souldare class. Since I made them on watercolor paper, I have cut and paste them into my journal combining them with other papers. Love the results!

Kel Rohlf
02/25/2014 9:26pm

Love having a few simple backgrounds to choose from to get me started on a page. Can't wait to see the results in your art journal.

03/02/2017 10:39pm

I think nothing in this world is new or original. The good news is there is always a new way of doing things and I think you are very good at it. This is what makes you unique. I love your works. I am happy you are sharing every detail here. We are all learning from it. I am looking forward to see more.

08/01/2016 10:54am

It seems fun. Art journaling is fun practicing and learning. Plus you seems to be doing really great with it. It's such a nice thing. Being you is the best thing in the world.


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