Journal Prompts

I will ACCEPT...

I need courage to CHANGE...

I will seek WISDOM for...

I understand...

I don't understand...

With mixed-media art, I find myself returning to certain mediums and techniques. I really like the look of acrylics on the page. It's fun to layer and there are many ways to apply them.

Today, I will demonstrate layering with stencils. First let's look at a simple way to apply acrylics to the page. I start with my gesso prepped dictionary pages.

I choose three colors: red, orange and yellow. Following Dawn Devries Sokol's example, I applied the paint directly to the page randomly in dime sized blobs.
Several blobs served me well for these pages. I used a gift card to spread the paint over the page. To avoid over blending the colors, scrape the extra paint on the card on a scrap piece of paper. I liked the blended colors, so I scraped it on to the edges of the page.
Stencils are readily found in craft stores. I like the overall patterns to layer over my background. You can also create your own using stencil sheets or by recycling plastic containers or lids. I was in the check out line at the local dollar store, when I saw this sink liner hanging on the side wall. I purchased it, and a lattice stencil was born!
For stencils, I like to use a spray bottle to apply the paint. You can buy them ready made or make your own in a travel size spray bottle. I centered the "lattice" stencil over both pages and sprayed red paint over the area. From the residue from the spray, I made a second background on a piece of watercolor paper by turning the stencil onto the paper and then pressing the stencil into the paper.
The imprint is real subtle, but it adds a layer.
Excess paint on watercolor paper.
Next, I sprayed some orange sparkly paint over a floral stencil. It doesn't show up much but adds another layer. I cut a simple bird shape from the recycled plastic. And then used stamp pad pigment ink to create images on either side of the two page spread.
For some final touches, I randomly sprayed paint under each bird dabbing it with a paper towel. Then added another dimension using the floral stencil again and green sparkly spray paint. Now these pages are ready for journaling.


02/25/2014 7:31pm

Love the way this one turned out.

Kel Rohlf
02/25/2014 9:21pm

Thx Kelly! I liked it as well...the layering with stencils was fairly easy but made a nice dramatic page.

05/10/2017 2:51am

Wow! Your art looks great. It's pretty even though it's simple and only made out of acrylic. I like how you mix the colors red, orange and yellow. I love looking at art pieces and I find yours unique and artistic. I suggest you do another one with darker colors and use hardwood or a wall instead of a canvas.

09/30/2016 1:06am

To make painting papers for journal media is not easy work but I read out all the papers clearly which is easy method. I will be try to make according to your method and I hope it will make wonderful. Thanks for sharing your art with us.


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