Summer fades; autumn ushers in crisp mornings to contemplate the joys of deep summer. The joy of inspiring others to embrace their created self. Taking my nieces and nephews to local parks, museums and even antique malls gave me renewed desire to play with my art supplies. We transformed the gazebo into an outdoors art studio. We went to Artmart and Michael's to buy art supplies. Mostly we painted. Painted the railings and posts and sides of the gazebo, and on paper that we clipped to a wire to air dry. 

This summer, also marked my newest venture: souldare. This concept born out of my own need to "do" art in community, started in July and continues with two workshops this fall. We get to be explorers, adventurers and creators in the same space, but with our own sacred outcomes. In the first workshop, we revisited our childhood through journaling, photos and memories which we transformed into mixed-media collage "maps." (See the photo gallery.)

Over the summer, I joined Daisy Yellow with her ICAD challenge. And just before our late summer vacation, I paid the fee for an online community called 21 Secrets, where I am inspired by 21 different mixed-media, art journaling, collage loving artists. I am really enjoying the various perspectives and projects. (You'll have to wait until January 2014 to take the new classes.) I'll share some of my insights and finished projects later, so you can get a flavor of what they offer.

Who or what is inspiring you to express your created, creative self?



06/24/2016 1:57pm

Summer is great season for the person who like mostly children because this season they get vacations form school and enjoy their vacation by hanging out with friends and families. They go with parents on picnic and doing lots of creative work to explore their mind.


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